Overseas Tattoo Artists

Overseas Tattoo Artists have an opportunity to work as a Guest tattoo artists in NSW & QLD (where the State licensing is in place.  VIC and WA do not have licensing regulations).


We have some great tattoo events this year in Australia and this is one of them!


So book a trip down under to our awesome country – Have a working holiday!


All the info for guest artists working in Australian state shops that require licensing is below.


  • In NSW  Australia an overseas 'Tattoo artist' visitor, who is an authorised participant of a show can work in the State for up to 31 days.





  • In QLD Australia an overseas 'Tattoo artist' visitor permit may be issued for a maximum of 31 days with a maximum of 2 permits per person per year. There is no requirement to attend a show.




The Tattoo shop holding a current license where you will be a guest tattoo artist will need to register your details (The international artist’s details outlined below in blue ‘authorised participants’ with NSW Fair-Trading and their local council.


Authorised Participants

 An individual is an authorised participant of a show if:

· The personal details of the individual are provided to Fair Trading at least 14 days before the commencement of the show; and

· The individual:

  1.       is at least 18 years of age

  2.       is not a controlled member of a declared organisation under the Crimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Act     2012

  3.       has not, in the previous 12 months, been an authorised participant of more than one other show.

The personal details of participants that are required to be provided to Fair Trading are:

  • full name;

  • date and place of birth;

  • residential address; and

  • postal address if different from the residential address.

Business Licenisng
Licensing Representative, Customer Experience

NSW Fair Trading | Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
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businesslicensing@finance.nsw.gov.au  |  www.finance.nsw.gov.au

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