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Were setting up the Ink and Iron convention a little different, working with the licensing perimeters here in NSW.

We have both solo artists booths for our Overseas participants and Shop booths.

Our aim is for everyone to have a great time and do well from our annual event.

NSW Australia has strict Tattoo performing regulations please check the State Regulations to ensure you have complied.

Operators / Artists without NSW Licenses or Council registration (interstate and overseas artists) will be prohibited from trading.

We are here to help every step of the way and are working with the council on your behalf. Please complete the Artist Participation Form.

Australia Tattoo Guild
Below are our costings for 2019.
In 2020 were are hoping to make a considerable dent in the prices so that artists can come away from the event with more $ in their pockets - we wouldn't have an event without you guys.
Solo Artist Booths - 2020 will have insurance packages.

2019 We are offering a shared booth  of 6m x 3m 

For $825.00 plus Gst  (3x3m  Open plan,  space for 1 bed only).

Shop Booths - 2020 will be cheaper!

2019 We are offering booths of 6m x 3m, yes!

For $1650 plus Gst. (Multiple artists space for a max  of 3 beds).

This event has been designed for Tattoo artists and the public with 'bang for their buck' in mind. We also consider our trade stalls, vendors and artists by providing the best prices, content, and exposure.

We are supporting the industry by donating artwork by auction at the Ink and Iron Sydney event to the Australian Tattooist Guild.  -   Our apologies - We didn't get to Auction our painting performed LIVE By Andrew Swarbrick (our Guest Artist from Left-hand Path, 'the shaky south' - Christchurch New Zealand).

We have sent it to the ATG for their next Fundraising Auction.

The ATG is a group of passionate artists donating their own time to work alongside legislative representatives to shape a better future for the Tattoo Industry. They are volunteers working tirelessly providing relevant information, help, and guidance to all areas of our nation's Tattoo industry.


For Tattoo artist and apprentice membership or  Regulation information click the ATG link below: 

Bodyart Ink and Iron Sydney
Booth setup

2019 Your  6m x 3m tattoo booth ($1650+Gst) will contain: 

  • Access to Hot and cold water  / Dual sink system.

  • A Shell Screen layout with adequate Flooring.

  • A fixed facia sign displaying your business name.

  • 2 x GPO Power and 4x lighting source.

  • Sharps Containers 

  • 10L Biohazard medical waste bin.

  • Chairs


  • Tag and Testing

  • Council sign off

Additional set up options Inc Gst - we will have small set up tables also and flooring for our 2020 event.

  • $69.00ea  Massage beds

  • $60 ea Hydraulic chairs

  • $45ea Additional Tables

  • Additional Chairs free (organize) 

Shops & Artists please acquire state licensing 
Tattoo Parlours - NSW Fair Trading

Anyone who wants to have a tattoo show must apply for a permit. A tattooing show permit can be issued for a maximum of 7 days with a maximum of 2 permits per person per year. To apply for a tattooing show permit you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age and an Australian citizen or resident

  • not be a controlled member of a declared organisation

  • complete a tattooing show permit application which includes:

    1. your name, residential and postal addresses, date and place of birth

    2. the address at which you propose to conduct the show

    3. details of any licence you may hold or have held under the Act

    4. the tattooists who will perform at the show (if known at the time of making the application but no later than 14 days prior to the date of the show).

    5. a declaration ensuring that all participants will comply with legislative requirements in relation to body art tattooing, including health and local government requirements.

  • provide details of the organisation and evidence that you have been nominated by the organisation to be the event manager, if you are applying on behalf of an organisation

  • lodge your application and pay the prescribed fee.

Remember: You need to provide the Secretary with the personal details of the body art tattooists who will be performing at the show no later than 14 days prior to the date of the show.

The permit holder must keep a written list of the details of the authorised participants performing at the show at all times. Heavy penalties apply if an authorised participants does any body art tattooing at the show.

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International Artists 

FACT SHEET Visiting Overseas Body Artists wishing to work at shows Tattoo Parlours Act 2012 Before seeking work at a show you should first read this fact sheet. If you live outside of Australia and wish to visit New South Wales to perform body art tattooing procedures for a fee or a reward, you no longer need to apply for a visiting overseas body art tattooist permit (visitor permit). However, preferably before arriving in NSW, you should give your full particulars to the person applying for a Tattooing Show Permit. This is necessary because they are required to provide this information to the Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the show at which you want to perform body art tattooing. Who is an authorised participant? An individual is an authorised participant of a show if: (a) the personal details of the individual have been provided to the Secretary by the permit holder for the show at least 14 days before the commencement of the show, and (b) the individual is not an unsuitable individual, and (c) the individual has not, in the previous 12 months, been an authorised participant of more than one other show.

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