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Insanely talented Tattoo artists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, and surrounding countries - are coming together to showcase their Tattoo work in a magnanimous event. 
This is an independent tattoo convention and Auto show.

Ink and Iron Sydney is promoted by a group of individuals who are passionate about the tattoo industry, who love auto events and feel strongly about running a legitimate event oriented around the artists, sponsors, and the public who are the attendees of the event.
If it wasn't for you guys events wouldn't survive and sadly that point doesn't get factored enough.

We work transparently and are happy to consider any feedback or avenues on how we can bring you a continuously solid event annually.
All participation costs have been assembled with the minimum profit margin, keeping the costs as low as possible for attending Artists and car owners.
We are happy to feature the exact costings involved to educate our traders and artists about the exact financial outlay.
Our event will cross-promote and look after every sector, our raffles will be tallied, donations presented and prizes legitimately won.

Why are we doing Ink and Iron Sydney?
It's simple - ‘Countries England and America’ have a very successful and awesome Tattoo and Custom Culture events called Ink and Iron – It only stands to suit; that Sydney, Australia should have one as well!

So we’re bringing you – Ink and Iron Sydney 2nd event 2020.

We’d love your support.
This is a Tattoo show and competition alongside, Custom cars, Motorcycles, Arts and entertainment events. Custom Culture Traders and a 'heck' tonne more! 

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